Three Layer Blown Film Machine


  • Minimum Gauge Variation even at Higher Output
  • Better Homogenious Mixing & Melting of Polymer 
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Easy to operate at different Lay-flat size & very good Bubble Control
  • It can Handle bigger Diameter of Roll, Easy changeover due to auto cutting.
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We offer a diverse range of customised 3 Layer Blown Film Machines to suit a customer’s specific requirement. Our most appreciated Multilayer Blown Film Machines are available with outputs ranging from 70 kgs/hr. to 500 kgs./hr. and lay-flat widths ranging from 500mm to 3000mm for processing polymers as LD, LLD, HDPE ETC.

Multilayer Blown Film Machines incorporate advanced features like grooved feed barrel. Barrier screw, dosing system, Liquid PIB dosing system, manual as well as automatic screen changer, Oscillation Haul-off Unit, internal bubble cooling (IBC), outer bubble cooling (OBC),  automatic bubble guide, online thickness monitoring and control, Fully / Semi Auto Roll Winders with PLC & HMI, Edge Guide System , Auto Tension Control, Corona Treaters etc. for longer life, higher productivity and better quality.


  • LDPE Shrink Film
  • Lamination Film
  • Liner Bags
  • Mulch Film
  • Courier Bag Film
  • Agriculture Film
  • Liquid Packaging Film
  • General Purpose Film


Model SS 3L-1000 SS 3L-1250 SS 3L-1500 SS 3L-2000 SS 3L-3000
Screw Dia Size (MM) 40/ 40/ 40 45/ 55/ 45 55/ 65/ 55 65/ 75/ 65 75/ 90/ 75
Layflat Film Width (MM) 300 – 1000 400 – 1250 700 – 1500 1000 – 2000 2000 – 3000
Film Thickness (Micron) 10-200 20-200 20-150 20-150 20-150
Max. Extrusion Output (Kg/hr) 110 200 250 320 430
Machine Dimension (Mtrs.) L-7 x W-4.5 x H-7 L-8 x W-6 x H-8 L-8.3 x W-4.2 x H-9 L-9 x W-5 x H-10 L-10 x W-6 x H-12

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