Plastic Re-Processing Machines

Double Stage Plastic Recycling Machine (Mother Baby Type)


  • Low Power Consumption
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Outstanding Output
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Re-cycling Pellitizer Extrusion Plant (Double Stage) to manufacture poly waste granuals, consisting of Two extruders. 1st Extruder has Longer L/D as compared to 2nd Extruder. Process of this Machine is first feed to Extruder 1st and it filtered and remove the gas& lump then purge into 2nd Extruder for further granuals. Machine is fitted with AC main drive motor, reduction gear box, screw & barrel made of nitro alloy steel duly nitride and hardened, Die Head, Bend type heaters, Water tank, Pellitizer with electric motor and control cabinet fitted with temperature controllers, voltmeters, ammeters, starters etc. and all other standard accessories and electricals suitable for removing in dirty & Printed waste material and for solidity of the pellet as detailed in specifications.


Model SS RP 75/65-DS SS RP 90/75-DS SS RP 120/90 DS SS RP 150/120 DS
Screw Size (MM) 75,65 90,75 120,90 150,120
Main Motor (KW) 22, 11 30, 15 37, 18.75 55, 30
Output (Kg/Hr.) 70-100 90-140 120-250 230-350
Heating Load (KW) 10 15 18.75 25
Strand Pellitizer (KW) 1.5 1.5 2.2 3.7