Multilayer ABA Blown Film Machine (Oscillation Haul Off Unit)


  • Film With High Strength & Resistance
  • Minimum Power consumpation
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Three layer Film
  • Outstanding Output
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This A-B-A Blown Film Extrusion Machine is basically a Blown Film Plant producing a THREE LAYER FILM but with the TWO EXTRUDER. It’s a result of a specially designed A-B-A Type Co-Ex Die which enables to produce a Three Layer Film with Two Extruder. Technically in A-B-A type film, the Outer and Inner layer will be of the same Polymer as being fed by the same extruder and a Middle Layer will be of a different Polymer which will be fed by a second extruder.

The cost of virgin (raw) material (HDPE/ LDPE) continues to go up every year, and therefore many packaging film producers equipped with co-extrusion blown film extrusion machines have started to make 3 layer (A-B-A) films to reduce cost, replacing the traditional single and two layer blown film extrusion machines to stay competitive in the market.

The A-B-A Blown film extrusion lines are manufactured to adapt to a broad range of applications. The plant is a rugged and compact model – very space saving. It comes with advanced technology like the grooved Feed Technology, PID Temperature controllers, and AC Frequency Drive.



  • Garbage Bags
  • Carry Bags
  • Shopping Bags
  • Linears
  • Construction Film
  • T-Shirts Bags
  • Agriculture Film


Model SS ABA/45-55/1000 SS ABA/45-55/1250 SS ABA/55-65/1500
Screw Size Extruder A-45 MM
(Inner & Outer Layer)

Extruder B-55 MM
(Middle Layer)

Extruder A-45 MM
(Inner & Outer Layer)

Extruder B-55 MM
(Middle Layer)

Extruder A-55 MM
(Inner & Outer Layer)

Extruder B-65 MM
(Middle Layer)

Layflat Width 400 – 1000 MM 600 – 1250 MM 600 – 1500 MM
Film Thickness 20-200 (Micron) 20-200 (Micron) 20-200 (Micron)
Max. Extrusion Output 120 Kg/hr. 125 Kg/hr. 150 Kg/hr.
Main Motor Extruder A-11 KW (15 HP)
Extruder B-18 KW (25 HP)

Extruder A-11 KW (15 HP)
Extruder B-22 KW (30 HP)

Extruder A-18 KW 25 HP)
Extruder B-30 KW
(40 HP)

Machine Dimension (Mtrs)

L-4.5 x W-4 x H-5

L-4.7 x W-4.2 x H-5

L-6 x W-5 x H-7

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